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I HAVE to do that!

You’re probably like me - you like to wear things that are different, handmade, and say “ME”, without breaking the bank!

So... when I came across this newer form of art called “Poured Acrylics” in 2018, I fell in love with it. When I realized I could make the acrylic paintings as a “skin” and turn pieces of them into one-of-a-kind pieces of wearable art, I went nuts!!


I’ve been a full-time artist since 1995, but I'm usually painting murals! (see katmorrismurals.com, if you're curious!) Now, I use much of my free time as a jewelry maker and I can't stop!


The process starts with mixing the acrylics with a medium to make them more like cake batter, into unlimited combinations! The paints are either "poured" onto plastic to peel later as a usable acrylic "skin", glued under glass or directly onto prepared slate. The result is that each piece of jewelry is now a small, original painting (slate) or a piece of one of these acrylic paintings - each as original as YOU are!

Check back often for our show schedule updates and any new collections we come up with, and anytime you want a unique piece of jewelry for yourself or for great gifts (you know they won't have one!).

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