If you love sitting with your toes in the sand as much as I do, then you've probably collected shells along the shore. Upon my many visits to the Gulf of Mexico, and to the Atlantic Ocean, I have collected many shells, and wanted to make them into something pretty without taking away their natural beauty.


This small (1.875 inch) gray and beige shell is adorned with a swarovski crystal and coppertone wirework. It comes with a pretty 24" satin cord. 


Please read the Caring For Your Shell Jewelry information below.

Adorned Shell pendant - w swarovski crystal and coppertone wirework

SKU: S-034
  • The Adorned Shell Collection from Kats Tees and Jewelry are made from real shells from the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic. That means that they are pretty fragile. It's ok to wear them for any occasion you would normally wear a dressier pendant for. (no workouts, please!)


    If you'll treat your shell pendant with a little tender loving care, it will last for decades!


    If your necklace came with a silver plated chain, you will need to keep your chain in some sort of zippered bag to keep air from tarnishing the chain. Keeping a small piece of white chalk in the bag is also recommended.

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